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The modern dermatological product lines MINCERPHARMA have been developed, in its laboratories in Switzerland and every one of them, is the result of knowledge and research, based on which the latest technological developments in the science of cosmetology are finally integrated in the formulas of its products .

Its specialized scientists, have resulted in the creation of innovative cosmetic products that guarantee proven effectiveness in a natural and non-irritating way for the skin, which are aimed mainly at demanding consumers and the particularly demanding premises of beauty salons and pharmacies.


Result : Ten different, highly effective dermatological series , which meet with specialization the special needs of every skin type at every age . The products in all series are dermatologically and / or ophthalmologically tested and comply with the provisions of European legislation and the competent European Organizations for Cosmetic Products. They are prepared in order to offer the woman the desired result in the most natural way and contain safe, modern and mainly natural and herbal ingredients, which are combined ingeniously, creating the specialized series of high standards.


Discover the dermatological line that meets your special needs and reveal your best self , with its new renewed, youthful, radiant and healthy skin…